Chabad is a Jewish movement with a bold vision and a simple philosophy. The vision is to bring Judaism to every single Jew on earth, no matter where they are. The philosophy is to be inclusive of all Jews, regardless of their background. With over 4,000 Shluchim (emissaries) around the globe, Chabad is the largest Jewish outreach organization in the world today.


Mission Statement

Chabad of Lewisburg aims to reach, engage, and inspire all Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations. Actualizing the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s teachings and message of unconditional love, we will ignite one Jewish soul at a time.  

Our Family



Zelig, two years old, is currently our director of hospitality and the senior member of both the welcoming committee and the entertainment committee. Zelig's interests include eating, ball playing and reading the same book over and over again.




Nechama, one, is the youngest member of our team.  She is currently being trained by her older brother, sometimes using a very 'hands on' approach.



Mariasha moved with her family to New Jersey from the UK as a young child. Following high school, she studied education and Chassidic philosophy in Jerusalem and Vienna. Mariasha was a successful teacher for many years and  is beloved by her students. Mariasha enjoys reading, heated discussions and mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

Rabbi Yisroel

Yisroel was raised in his parents' Chabad House in East Hampton NY. He studied Talmud and Chassidic philosophy in yeshiva in Brunoy, France and completed his Rabbinic studies and internship in Hong Kong and Brooklyn. Yisroel worked on program development at Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters for several years and has directed Jewish educational programs throughout the world.